Marbles are naturally occurring very hard and durable fine engrained transmogrified rocks that can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, also can be polished to make them shine. Several historic monuments were carved out of marbles including renowned Taj Mahal, Delwada Jain Temples and several others.

Marbles and its products such as slabs, inlays, tiles, artifacts etc are included in our vivid product folio. We at Parth Natural Stone Pvt. Ltd. deal in almost all popular categories of India as well as imported marbles such as Italian Marble, Turkish Marble, Egyptian Marble, Vietnamese Marble and others. We being a hundred percent export oriented firm, can procure raw material of all categories, shapes, sizes and colors of varied marbles from countries including Italy, Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey and other parts of globe in any quantities. Besides an ultra rich folio of marble variants, we also manufacture and fabricate various Indian and imported marbles to carve them for different utilities. Marble Inlays, Marble Slabs, Marble Tiles, Marble Artefacts, Marble Handicrafts and other decorative articles carved out of marble constitutes our ultra rich product range. Our brilliant laid stone inlay designs, exquisitely carved out artifacts, creatively cleaved out handicraft and other decorative marble articles are contrived by our proficiently prolific artisans.

Indian Marble
Marbles are charmingly gorgeous and renowned for its unfailing durability thence employed in a variety of uses. Be it building/construction projects or interiors or souvenirs or handicraft items or other decorative pieces etc, cleaved out of marble are always in demand. Indian Marbles are available in assorted colors and its variants such as white marbles, pink marbles, green marbles, red marbles, black marbles, yellow marbles, brown marbles and also other mixes in marbles.

Parth Natural Stone Private Limited located in one of the most beautiful cities and mining hub – Udaipur and have access to all types of Indian Marbles. Our extensive network with quarry owners across the country yields us an ultra rich product folio. With such a huge array of Marble and marble products, we stand of crowd. These marbles are available in the form of tiles, slabs, exquisitely crafted handicraft item, and several other client tailored forms, shapes and sizes. The vast range of Indian marble occurs in exotic colors and we also create beautiful inlays out of it. Marble stone-inlays are very popular with construction projects and interior projects. With a competitive pricing and exclusive range, we as a 100% EOU are the most preferred ones.