Slates are a type of Natural Stones used in flooring and other constructional purposes. At Parth Natural Stone Private Limited we deal in all type of Indian Slates that comes in different variants of colors, shapes and sizes. Our Natural Stone products can also be customized in accordance with the customer’s requirements, thus besides tiles, slabs, blocks etc we provide you what you want. We also cater to bulk projects too.

North Indian Slates

Jak Black Slates, Jak Multi Color Slates, Terra Red Slates, Jeera Green Slates, Peacock Multi Color Slates, Mayur Multi Color Slates, Himachal Black Slates, Himachal White Slates, Himachal Green Slates, Kund Multi Slates, Indian Autumn Slates, Chocolate Slates, Copper Red Slates, Pure Pink Slates

South Indian Slates

Black 1 Slates, Black Rustic Slates, California Gold Slates, Indian Autumn Slates, Multi Color Slates, Multi Pink Slates, Raja Red 1 Slates, M.Green Slates, Kedhi Slates, Lilac Slates, N.Green Slates, Mac Green Slates, Mac Green Rustic Slates, California Gold Slates, Madras Multi Color Slates.